Concert Hall

Place for pleasure at Esquare Lounge

Esquare Lounge have an impressive concert hall with presence of advanced sound and lighting systems, comfortable seating, and a central stage for talented musicians . This venue offers an immersive experience for music lovers in Kohalpur.


Celebrate Your Happy Moments With Us

Esquare Lounge's restaurant bar offers an elegant and cozy atmosphere, with a diverse menu of drinks and tasty snacks . Whether you're with friends or on a romantic date, this spot in Kohalpur is perfect for unwinding and enjoying the evening.

Happy Moments


"Enjoy the food with a magnificent view."

Esquare Lounge's rooftop offers a lively atmosphere with stunning views of Kohalpur. With comfortable seating, upbeat music, and a selection of drinks and snacks, it's the perfect spot for a night out with friends or a romantic date .

Smokes and Drinks

"Designated smoking and drinking space for customers."

Esquare Lounge's offers a designated smoking area for its customers who smoke. This area is thoughtfully separated from the main dining space, either in a separate room or outside on a patio or terrace, to ensure that non-smoking patrons can enjoy their meals without exposure to secondhand smoke.